Solid Opportunity Investing

Solid Opportunity Investing

INVESTMENT SOLUTIONS USA, LLC. D.B.A. Eve Buys Houses is the next generation investment for solid returns from real estate. 


INVESTMENT SOLUTIONS USA provides total freedom for those who are seeking a life where they can live where they want when they want with no strings attached. In addition, partners of INVESTMENT SOLUTIONS USA can add a new income stream to their lives that once seemed improbable if not impossible. A INVESTMENT SOLUTIONS USA apartment, or home property can be bought for wholesaling, flipping, sold retail, rented out, or rented AIRBNB for re-occurring income. What is best for the market. In regards to Eve House Buyers, we simple use this branding as an inviting front.

INVESTMENT SOLUTIONS USA is seeking limited partners who wish to cash in on this solution.

Now is the time to join INVESTMENT SOLUTIONS USA private equity fund to not miss out on your piece of cherry pie.


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The ProblemMany of today’s investments are losing money or unstable 

Currently: The economy is China is falling and possibly collapsing. The Fed is just kicking the can on the economy with low interest rates, etc. creating inflation. People can’t pay their mortages with all the closing of businesses with the affects of covid.

On Oct 4th 2021: Trump warns on ‘scary’ inflation, says surging prices will ‘ravage our country’ And it’s very scary when you look at gasoline from $1.87 a gallon when I was president, it went from $1.87 and now it’s well over $5 in some areas that it’s going to go a lot higher,” the 45th President predicted.

This inflation affects already struggling home owners, and so much more.

INVESTMENT SOLUTIONS USA is taking this concept of real estate investing a step further.  The company is targeting most every state in the union and keeping it simple choosing the right deals.



According to the Index, the average return on investment in the US is 8.6%. The average rate of return heavily depends on the type of rental property. Residential rental properties, for instance, have an average return of 10.6%. Commercial real estate, on the other hand, has an average return on investment of 9.5%.

We are giving you the opportunity to earn 10-12% Return on your investment when use the vehicle of marketing “Eve Buys Houses “on the first page of Google to wisely buy wholesale, flip, sell retail, rented out, or rent AIRBNB properties for re-occurring income. Including apartment buildings and retail buildings. We choose which one to emphasize, based on the market. 

The market is now correcting. In many areas their are price cuts of 10-15% on Zillow. Plus, Zillow has stopped buying houses, because their margin was so stupid thin. With Zillow out of the market there is more opportunity for us! 

11% of the mega-wealthy swear by this investment…

The richest in the world have made their fortunes in many ways, but there is one common thread for many of them: They made real estate a core part of their investment strategy. Of all the ways the ultra-rich made their fortunes, real estate outpaced every other method 3 to 1.

Not only can we get real estate cheaper, we can also have lower costs for rents.


The INVESTMENT SOLUTIONS USA Private Equity Fund Structure: 

1. The Vehicle: Marketing to Find & Buy Only From Motivated Sellers of apartments, single family, 2-4 Plex units, retail buildings, and land. Brand Marketing Ex: Search Google for Eve Buys Houses

2. Structure of the Deal:

               Team Member Examples:

    • CIO/ Chief Investment Officer:
    • CCO/ Chief Compliance Officer:
    • Expert Investors
      • Ex. Investment Committee:
    • Fund Manager
    • Money Raiser
    • Board: 

3. Raising 175 Million in Capital

4. Filing Legal Docs with Attorney


Earnings Example

Limited Partner Earnings Example: Let’s say the INVESTMENT SOLUTIONS USA Fund earns 22%, LP’s will earn 12-17%.

INVESTMENT SOLUTIONS USA – The Best investment on earth, is 


FYI: Some details are subject to change as things evolve and advance.